Motorists urged to obey the law

PERSONAL TOUCH: MEC Williams encourages motorists to comply with road safety laws and exercise patience.Picture: Supplied

Motorists have been urged to comply with road safety laws and exercise patience with traffic officers, MEC for transport, safety and liaison Pauline Williams said.

Williams, engaging motorists, passengers and law enforcement officials in a meeting when she launched the festive season safety plan in Kuruman, said it was important that all road users comply with road regulations to ensure the safety of all.

She warned that the police would leave no stone unturned to ensure that motorists and pedestrians were safe on the roads, and that “everyone abides by the laws of the road”.

Williams said they were expecting high traffic volumes on a number of roads as people would be making their way in and out of the province.

“The N14 between Kuruman and Vryburg is where we are expecting high traffic volumes. In the past, there have been a high number of fatal accidents where pedestrians have been injured or killed,” Williams said.

She said through roadblocks and stop-and-search operations they would ensure that traffic offenders were arrested and those who opportunistically used the festive season for their criminal ends would be arrested.

“The main causes of road fatalities are drunken driving, excessive speeding, overloading, dangerous overtaking, failure to use seatbelts and unroadworthy vehicles.”

She asked officers to do their job with honesty and integrity.

She said her department would work with other government departments and state-owned entities to ensure safety for all in the province.

“We will take necessary actions to ensure that we reduce road fatalities by the end of 2016. Most importantly we stress that we shall have zero tolerance with people who break the law.”

Some of the specific interventions the department will use to improve law enforcement include new enforcement strategies and policies through public safety campaigns.

“We will take necessary actions to ensure that we reduce road fatalities by the end of 2016.

“Most importantly, we stress that we shall act tough with people who break the law,” Williams said.

Meanwhile the department said it would be dispatching more officials to the busiest routes.

“The province’s busiest routes include the N1, N8, N12 and R31 and as a province we continue to appeal for cooperation from all motorists.”