Mufamadi says Tony Leon ordered reopening of Madikizela-Mandela’s case

Former Safety and Security Minister Sydney Mufamadi on Monday told a media conference that it was,Picture: ANN7

Former Safety and Security Minister Sydney Mufamadi on Monday told a media conference that it was the DA’s Tony Leon who ordered for Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s cases to be reopened.

Mufamadi has denied being involved, as the allegations disclosed in the Winnie documentary implicated him as one of the people who was involved in the reopening of the case that was done to allegedly to tarnish her image.

It was alleged in the documentary that Mufamadi put pressure on then Police Commissioner George Fivaz to reopen investigations into Mama Winnie.

“Why are we taking Tony Leon out of the equation? I am saying these investigations took place at the behest of Tony Leon. I am talking about the ones we know, whatever was found was taken to the Attorney General,” he said.  

“There was a police investigation against Comrade Winnie before we came into government, you remember she was charged… When we came into government, Tony Leon came to see the commissioner and caused the commissioner to reopen the investigation.”

The allegations that Mufamadi was implicated were made in the documentary by the then head of the murder and robbery squad Henk Heslinga.

Mufamadi said that he was however aware of the actions to reopen the case against Mama Winnie.

“I never said I did not know, because the commissioner George Fivaz could not do an investigation of that kind without telling his minister. It’s an investigation focusing on a public representative.”

Mufamadi said that he also knew Fivaz, who was handling that case, had picked his own investigation team.

“I knew that he had picked his investigation team. I never sought to say don’t pick that one, pick up so and so because he is the one who must account for the decisions he makes.”

“What people conveniently forget, because they think it was intended to vilify her, is that he went to the TRC and said no evidence.”

-TNA Reporter