Nafcoc wants action for SMEs

SMALL businesses lobby group the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (Nafcoc) called,Picture: Supplied

SMALL businesses lobby group the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (Nafcoc) called on the new ANC leadership led by Cyril Ramaphosa for a turnaround in the economy and to provide small businesses support to thrive and create jobs.

Nafcoc, which represents more than 150 000 businesses, has been vocal about matters concerning equal participation of big and small business. “We believe the urgent task from early next year is for the new leadership to revitalize the economy and intensify the transformation agenda.

“As a small business lobby group, we give a thumbs-up to the key resolution on land as we believe it signals the seriousness of the ANC government to embark on radical economic transformation (RET),” Lawrence Mavundla, president of Nafcoc, said.

Mavundla said Nafcoc was also encouraged by the commitment to eradicate corruption, collusion and graft that has become endemic and which threatens the country’s economy. “Even more encouraging is a commitment to give equal attention to both private and public sector corruption.

“While Nafcoc supports the inquiry into so-called state capture, our view is that such an inquiry must be broad and embrace all forms of policy capture at all levels. In this way we can be able to eliminate even the most insidious form of policy capture,” he said.

Nafcoc is of the view that at the centre of RET must be the development of small, medium and emerging (SME) businesses in general and black business in particular.

“We want Ramaphosa and his team to make sure that they implore this leadership collective to engage more with SMEs to find common approaches to the economic challenges in the country. “We trust that this new leadership will give more attention to the issues of SMEs,” he said.

At the same time, the Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) also punted radical resolutions such as expropriation of land without compensation, nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank, free education and the formation of a state bank through the immediate awarding of a commercial banking licence to the South African Post Office.

It said this would, undoubtedly bring confidence to all South Africans and professionals in particular that the ANC is serious about transformation.