‘New ANC president must be supported unconditionally’

ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa. Picture: ANN7

ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa has urged his fellow comrades to support the candidate who will be elected as president of the ANC in this year’s ANC 54th National Elective Conference.

Phosa was speaking during an interview with ANN7 at Nasrec Expo Centre Johannesburg on Sunday afternoon.

“My sense of disciple as the member of the ANC tells me that whoever loses must support the winner unconditionally and we should unite on that principle.

“When the president called us on that so-called last supper we agreed on that all of us that whoever wins we must all rally and support that person,” Phosa said.

He added that no one should divide the ANC their names and hope they will all live to that. Whoever wins must have the duty to unite everyone and let’s keep the family of the ANC together.

Phosa, who awaits the results of the conference said he will not predict the outcome of the results.

The delegates will cast their votes later on Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday.

“Only a fool predicts elections especially in this case it is neck and neck. It is anybody’s game. I am serious about it and I am not avoiding your question. Let the branches decide that question it doesn’t matter who anyone of us says,” he said.

Phosa took a swipe at the people who bribe delegates to vote in favour of their preferred presidential candidate between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.

“It is true that money has played the role in this conference and the run-up to it. It is unfortunate, it is shameful. It should not be like that.

“Yesterday someone said to me comrade Phosa go to gate 16 money is being distributed at this very conference. The ANC members must not be bribed or corrupted. They must be left to independently exercise their minds,” said Phosa.

-TNA Reporter