No funding for Beaufort West drought relief

. Picture: Supplied

The National Disaster Management Centre has refused to provide Beaufort West with emergency funding intended for the drought the town has been experiencing.

Since the Gamka Dam dried up earlier this year, 37 000 residents of Beaufort West have been getting their water supply from 32 boreholes and a water reclamation plan.

Currently, 84% of of the town’s water needs are being supplied by boreholes and 16% by a water reclamation plant.

Western Cape local government spokesperson James-Brent Styan said the province has been re-negotiating the terms with the National Disaster Management Centre.

The department has also been able to source R23 million after engaging with various stakeholders – the money will be used to fund another five boreholes.

Local government department head Graham Paulse said the situation in the municipality was being monitored daily.

“The department would like to encourage the public to remain calm during this period. Through collective water-saving initiatives, as well as close inter-sectoral collaboration, the potential of severe water disruptions can be avoided,” Paulse said.

-TNA Reporter