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Oakbay Investments

Launched in 2006, Oakbay Investments is a South African company that holds interests in various industries, including ICT, mining, media, engineering, real estate and leisure. It is widely considered to be an industry challenger, and a major contributor to the social and economic growth of the country. Oakbay has invested over R10 billion into the local economy and has created thousands of quality employment opportunities for South Africans.

Oakbay Investments’ Media Arm

By investing in the country’s media sector, Oakbay is helping to overhaul this industry and effect positive change in South Africa. With the aim of building the nation, it publishes and broadcasts constructive news stories through its two media portfolio companies: The New Age (TNA), a national daily newspaper, and African News Network 7 (ANN7), a television news channel broadcast daily on DSTV.

Company Goals and Values

Oakbay and its portfolio companies seek to empower ordinary people. In the case of TNA, this happens through connecting and informing communities across the country, enabling them to stay up to date with local and international news, as well as actively raising awareness of local issues that affect South Africans.
Oakbay Investments employees enjoy an environment in which collaboration is promoted and teamwork is celebrated. The firm has a policy of staff engagement and development, and every member of the team is encouraged to challenge the status quo and contribute towards the bringing about improvement in South Africa. Employees are supported to do this through Oakbay’s continuous training and education programs and culture of nurturing talent such as TNA’s Journalism Training Academy.
The New Age hosts the TNA Business Briefings which offer live TV exposure to millions of TV viewers.
The Business Briefings are broadcast live on SABC2’s Morning LIVE flagship programme between 7h00 to 9h00. While the audience reach fluctuates over the course of this broadcast, as is the nature of television, over 3million viewers are reached at peak times across the 2 hour broadcast.
THE NEW AGE is proud to have hosted Business Briefings with SA’s political, business and sports leaders, in association with its advertisers and partnership with the SABC. The Business Briefings consistently attract the “who’s who” of South African society including the President, Ministers, Premiers, Sportspersons, Analysts and celebrities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Oakbay and the companies it invests in exercise social responsibility through their daily operations as well as via several community initiatives. These include an educational program in which school uniforms, stationery and lunches were supplied to underprivileged school children, and donations of IT equipment to schools.