Outgoing Miss Soweto stays true to herself

ABDICATING HER THROWN: Miss Soweto Nthabiseng Kgasi will hand over the crown to the new queen on Saturday. PICTURE: ER LOMBARD

After a series of near wins, outgoing Miss Soweto queen Nthabiseng Kgasi never gave up on her dreams of one day becoming a beauty pageant queen.

Prior to winning Miss Soweto, Kgasi had always taken either the second or third place until she struck it lucky with her first prize when she was crowned Miss Soweto 2016 in her second attempt at the prestigious event.

“My first attempt was in 2015, when I was crowned the first princess. Then I went back again last year and nailed it to be crowned the queen,” she told The New Age in a recent interview.

Since her participation in the Miss Soweto pageant, she has adopted three centres around the area, namely Thembalenkosi Care Givers, Emdeni Drop-in Centre and Kliptown Youth programme.

“I really wanted to make an impact and reach out to everyone around Soweto, using the platform of the pageant.

“I could have adopted more centres, but due the resources I could not do that,” the outgoing beauty queen said.

Kgasi said if it was not for the love and support she receives from family and friends she would not have made

it this far in her career as a beauty queen.

She attributed her win of the Miss Soweto pageant to being true to herself.

“I remember that what made me stand out with the crowd and judges, was the question session.

“I did not hear the full question, then I thought I should answer in Sepedi, as I will be able to express my answer in detail.

“When I got backstage, I cried and regretted answering in Sepedi, when everyone else used English. To my surprise, the judges and the crowd appreciated that and that made me different from the rest of the contestants,” she said.

She said she is in the process of entering the Miss South Africa 2018, with the encouragement and support of her parents.

Her journey as Miss Soweto and her media studies helped her have a radio show at Monash University, saw her being invited to MC at various events and to do voice-over artist work.

Kgasi has some advice for the 38th Miss Soweto to be crowned on Saturday at the Soweto theatre.

“Whoever wins must have a plan of action the minute she is crowned. A year as the reigning queen of the pageant is short, so they must be able to implement their aspirations to the fullest.”