Photo exhibition explores

on exhibit: Images depicting the rich tapestry of South Africa’s life through the lenses of Cedric Nunn will be in display in galleries. pictures: Getty Images

AN AWARD-winning photographic exhibition by Cedric Nunn is on show at the Johannes Stegman Art Gallery until June 17. The exhibition has been on show in the country, the US and Germany.

The photographic journey of Nunn, who is also a documentary filmmaker, was launched in the early 1980s in Durban and in 2011 he won the first FNB Joburg Art Fair Award.

The work emanated from his awareness of a notable gap in the telling of South African history as well as the fact that to date little has been done to memorialise acts of colonial aggressionand Xhosa resistance.

“I decided to document the land where these struggles took place. Through revisiting this painful past in the contemporary scenes of today this work attempts to place the present in its factual context of dispossession and conquest,” Nunn said.

The exhibition, Unsettled, deals with the nine wars that Xhosa people were subjected to between 1779 and 1879 in their fight against Afrikaner and British colonial settler forces.
Nunn’s art seeks to instigate social change and highlight lesser seen aspects of society. Unsettled forms the first component of what will be a trilogy.

“The next component will address the legacy of colonial dispossession through bringing ‘the first inhabitants’ back into the picture by giving a select number of self-describing Khoi, Griqua and San or Bushmen a contemporary face and presence. The final component will look at slavery,” Nunn said.