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October 01, 2014 | Last Updated 10:01 AM
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What do you think should be the main focus during Transport Month?
Public transport accessibilityTransport infrastructureTransport safety
9.090 %27.27 %63.63 %
Publish Date: Oct 1 2014
Have you ever been a victim of e-mail banking scam?
YesNoOnly heard about it
42.85 %42.85 %14.28 %
Publish Date: Sep 30 2014
Do you think HIV-positive people should be allowed to serve in the SANDF?
YesNoCan't Say
80 %20 %0 %
Publish Date: Sep 29 2014
What are your views on Shakes Mashaba’s team selection against Congo?
The squad is capable of beating CongoThe selection is in line with vision 2022I am not impressed
71.42 %19.04 %9.523 %
Publish Date: Sep 25 2014
Do you think the ‘Passport of Patriotism’ will foster nation building?
Yes, it brings a sense of belongingNo, it is not a good ideaI have always been patriotic
16.66 %66.66 %16.66 %
Publish Date: Sep 24 2014
How are you celebrating September 24?
Attend cultural a eventIts Braai day for meI don't celebrate it
25 %12.5 %62.5 %
Publish Date: Sep 23 2014
Should anti-rhino poaching campaigns focus more on changing the behaviour of rhino horn consumers?
Yes, behavioural change can stop poachingNo, work strategically along the entire illicit supply chainPenalty for poaching should be intensified
0 %100 %0 %
Publish Date: Sep 22 2014
What are your thoughts on the 2014 Crime Statistics?
Shows Police are in chargeShows communities have a bigger role to playWe should release crime stats more often
50 %0 %50 %
Publish Date: Sep 21 2014
TB Joshua believes the Nigeria building collapse is a result of foul play. Is this likely?
YesNoIt is too soon to tell
19.35 %61.29 %19.35 %
Publish Date: Sep 17 2014
Black youth aged 25-34 have lost out on acquiring skills, what can be done to prevent this?
Review university enrollment requirementsGet rid of a sense of self entitlementBusinesses must play an active role in skills transfer
16.66 %16.66 %66.66 %
Publish Date: Sep 16 2014 sudoku