Ramaphosa has work cut out for him


WHETHER or not newly-elected ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa can bring a wave of positivity into the new year was debated yesterday. After the feverish build up to the ANC elective conference dominated news, things subsequently died down as the conference ended last week.

Bearing in mind the friendlier markets and stronger rand following Ramaphosa’s election, Prof Shadrack Gutto said such improvements could carry into the new year amid the challenges that still await Ramaphosa and South Africa.

“We shall see what will happen, as there are challenges such as university fees for the working class and poor. Even with President Jacob Zuma announcing free education,there are details that need to be ironed out such as how these students will be assessed on whether or not they are from working class and poor households,” Gutto said.

Zuma overruled the Heher Commission by announcing support for free education on the opening day of the elective conference. This caused debate over whether this was a breakthrough or reckless politicking Prof Sipho Seepe said the question of Ramaphosa bringing a wave of positivity should be looked at in totality and not depending on the individual.

“The message from the ANC was clear in wanting to see an end to factional battles. The biggest challenge is whether the leadership will rise to the occasion,” Seepe said.