Rezvani reveals Beast Alpha X Blackbird


If Batman is looking for a new Batmobile that’s perhaps not quite as overt and attention-grabbing as his last one, a company called Rezvani from Irvine in California might just have the answer in the shape of the stunning Beast Alpha X Blackbird. The Beast is based on a Lotus Elise, but this is far more than a tuned-up Lotus and its somewhat outrageous name is actually perfectly appropriate.

The Beast Alpha X Blackbird is carbon-fiber bodied, targa-topped, sidewinder-doored coupe that takes its inspiration from the famed US spy plane, the Blackbird. And although at first glance the engine may seem a little underwhelming as it’s a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, the Beast lives up to its billing as that compact unit puts out an incredible 700 horsepower.

This isn’t a completely new model though, and that’s because it’s really an enhanced version of the existing 600 horsepower Beast Alpha X. The Blackbird comes standard with a number of bits that are available as options for the Alpha X, such as adjustable suspension, 18-inch wheels with AP Racing stoppers and carbon discs. Other additions to the Apha X include green headlights, and of course, the extra 100 horsepower.

Cosworth helped to develop the incredible turbo-four that powers the Blackbird, and it features performance upgrades such as a Cosworth ECU, and CP-Carillo forged pistons, rods, cams, valves, and springs. The standard gearbox is a fairly unremarkable six-speed manual, although a six-speed sequential gearbox can be ordered for the small matter of an extra $15,000.

With a total weight of 975 kg (2,150 pounds), which is 91 kg (200 pounds) more than the Beast Alpha X, that staggeringly powerful four-cylinder powerplant gets the Blackbird from a standing start to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

If you want to get your hands on a Beast Alpha X Blackbird you’ll have to be quick as just five of them are being built by Rezvani, and ex-MMA fighter Quentin “Rampage” Jackson has already ordered one. The starting price is $225,000, and how much you want to spend on top of that is entirely up to you as even adding an Alpine sound system will set you back a further $2,500.