Sanco shocked after pupil stabs teacher to death


The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) on Tuesday expressed shock after a Grade 8 learner fatally stabbed a teacher.

It’s alleged the 15-year-old pupil went to the teacher’s home in the early hours of Saturday morning and started breaking all the windows with stones.

When Kingston Vhiya, a teacher at Bosele Middle School in the Manyeding village near Kuruman in the Northern Cape, went outside, the boy allegedly hit him in the chest with a stone before stabbing him to death.

Sanco national spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said: “We wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible this atrocious and despicable act and convey our condolences to the family of the teacher who was killed in this deplorable incident.”

He said the conduct of the pupil not only showed disrespect but total disregard for authority and a decline in morality.

Mahlangu called on parents to assist teachers in dealing with pupils’ ill discipline and on authorities to review the safety of teachers.

“Providing teachers with self-defence lessons where there is a threat and or high prevalence of physical violence could be a starting point. The intervention could be escalated to the provision of pepper spray and other non-lethal instruments to subdue violent pupils threatening the physical well-being and lives of teachers.”

Mahlangu urged authorities to deal decisively with all incidents of verbal and physical abuse against teachers by learners, in order to send an unequivocal zero-tolerance message.

“These incidents, no matter how small, cannot be ignored any longer, given the potential threat they pose to the lives of our teachers. There is a serious indictment of authorities to act speedily before more lives are lost.”

-TNA Reporter