Saul congratulated for obtaining his doctorate degree

Northern Cape ANC Chairperson Zamani Saul. Picture: ISAAC KHUMALO

Congratulatory messages flooded Northern Cape’s ANC Provincial ChairpersonZamani Saul’s Facebook wall on Wednesday following his academical achievement.

This is after Zamani Saul obtained his doctorate degree on Thursday.

His Facebook friend Alvin Botes wrote a Congratulatory note to Saul on Wednesday morning.

Botes says Saul joined a number of rising individuals who were attaining the doctorate as it was in line with the National Development Plan (NDP) of wanting to produce 5000 PhD graduates by 2030.

“The ANC’s Policy Framework for Education and Training were instructive in that apartheid education and its aftermath of resistance has destroyed the culture of learning within large sections of our communities (January 1994).

“You have joined an ever rising doctorate population as we move forward to attain the NDP Programme of the production of 5000 PhD graduates by 2030,” he added.

Botes said Saul’s achievement brought to life key tenants of the Freedom Charter which held that the doors of learning shall be opened, adding that the RDP goals of creating a culture of teaching and learning have been emboldening by his achievement to be a trendsetter in the realm of politics and education.

“All men are born equal, hence there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly (Buckminster Fuller). Hard work and self-sacrificing dedication have produced in you a mirror-imaging of how to defeat a downtrodden circumstance,” he concluded.

-Sipho Jack