Serial rape accused a threat to females, expert testifies

Prof Gerard Labuschagne. Picture: Supplied

The Alexandra serial rapist, Robin Mabitshela, would pose a significant risk to female members of society if he were allowed back into society.

Clinical psychologist Prof Gerard Labuschagne said this yesterday in the South Gauteng High Court when he was called to report on classifying the accused’s behaviour and commenting on the risk posed by the victim to society.

Mabitshela pleaded guilty to 23 counts of rape, six counts of compelled rape and 24 other charges relating to kidnapping, assault, sexual assault and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The series of offences took place from March 2007 to January 2015.

“Mabitshela poses a significant risk to female members of the society of a similar victimology to the complainants in his series and that rehabilitation of this offender should not be an expected outcome,” Labuschagne said.

The professor, who interviewed Mabitshela’s wife Nozipho, described their relationship as satisfactory and there was no domestic violence. She described him as a caring father who was a non-drinker.

Mabitshela, a father of three girls and a boy, is a sangoma. He has been convicted of possession of an unlicensed firearm and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Labuschagne said serial rapists could not be rehabilitated and were likely to reoffend after being released.

Even though there are no rehabilitation programmes designed specifically for serial rapists, the professor recommended that Mabitshela participate in any sex offender programme that the Department of Correctional Services may offer.

The judge postponed sentencing to September 26.