Sex resolutions for 2017

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New year sex resolutions
If sex was not fun for you in 2016, here’s a look at some sex resolutions you must make in the New Year.

Talk about sex
You cannot expect your partner to know what you love unless you tell them. Because none of us is a mind reader and our partners won’t know what we want until we tell them. No two people, have the same fantasies, want the same things, or want to be touched in the same manner. Find out your lover’s sexual fantasies and also tell them yours. Learn what they want to try or what they really don’t enjoy. The more openly you discuss sex, the better your sex life will be.

Plan more date nights
Remember your courtship period? Definitely you do, and we are sure you would want to bring back that romance. Well, you can do this in many ways. One way can be, schedule a date night at least once a fortnight. Date night can be going out for a nice dinner or may be spending an evening at home cuddling up on the couch. Well, a lot can happen on the couch, isn’t it.

When you are on bed put down that phone
Your bedroom should be a technology free zone. Whatsapp, E-mail, Facebook can wait. Put down all your gadgets and focus all of your attention on your spouse.

Be adventurous
Try new things this year, don’t be afraid. This adventure can be having sex in the kitchen, going for an unplanned trip and more. Be sexy, be exciting, and create memories that mesmerize you later.

Stop faking it
We know doing that takes the pressure off our partner and it speeds up the whole ordeal. We know that you really, really love your partner and worry that asking for what you want will turn them off. But it’s not so, rather you should be able to tell your partner that your are not satisfied. This honesty will give you freedom and make you more comfortable.

Taking Sex So Seriously
Do you laugh during sex? Crack jokes about your silly observations? Do you smile? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above questions, you might be suffering from Sexpressionlessness!
It’s a real condition in which people forget that pleasure is supposed to be fun and expressions of joy are a big part of that shared experience.

Be sexier outside the bedroom
Foreplay is not always the beginning. Stoking your girl’s lust should start long before you get near the bedroom. Send her a text about your last get-together. Kicking off with a sensual message is a better way to get her in the mental mood than getting down to the real business.

Get tested
It’s important to know your status for sexually transmitted infections, instead of just waiting for symptoms to appear, because some STIs don’t show symptoms but can have long-term consequences. Discuss your sexual activities with your healthcare provider and be honest so that you can know how often you should be tested and what you should be tested for.

Cuddle more
Cuddling up does not only make you feel good but also has a lot of health benefits. Cuddling releases oxytocin – the feel-good hormone which increases overall happiness, and reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure. Oxytocin is also the bonding hormone, so cuddling will make you feel closer to your partner. And, it’s a way of communicating with your partner.

This article first appeared on The Times of India