Sport and Recreation Department gets clean audit

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula . (Photo/Gallo Images)

The Department of Sports and Recreation has been given a clean audit by the Auditor General on Monday.

Minister Fikile Mbalula said the people who made this achievement possible are the men and women in the department.

“The DG and his team, they do a marvelous job all the time,” he said.

The Minister said that it was and it doesn’t come easy achieving such a result. He asserted that this success comes from qualitative skills, hard work and dedication.

He stressed the importance of allowing people to do business with government and that Ministers must know their place.
“I think its our responsibility as political officers to ensure that there is accountability and that the resources allocated are able to be utilised for the desired purposes,” the Minister continued.

“This is what we must strive for, excellence. Excellence when you do well, you get recognised for the good work that you do,” a proud Mbalula said.

Barry Wheeler Corporate executive at the Auditor General’s office spoke of accountable governance.

“It is incredible that we have a public perception and on the other there are Public servants who work very hard,” he said.
Wheeler also mentioned the need for the department to continue delivering for the South African people.