St David’s Marist Inanda scores big in IEB exam results

St David’s Marist Inanda student Merrick Hughes achieved 8 distinctions with 100% in Mathematics and a 90% average across his 8 subjects. Picture St David's Marist Inanda

St David Marist Inanda’s Grade 12 class of 2017 continued to maintain the school’s tradition of academic excellence after the school achieved 100% pass rate with 97% bachelor degree passes in the IEB results which were released yesterday.

117 boys who wrote their 2017 exams managed to achieve 100% pass rate and 97% Bachelor Degree Pass with 196 distinctions across 19 subjects including AP Mathematics and AP English.

This translates to 1.7 distinctions per student who rote their exams.

For the second consecutive year, the school student managed to achieve 100% for Mathematics.

Top students Merrick Hughes achieved 8 distinctions with 100% in Mathematics and a 90% average across his 8 subjects. Matthew Benning also achieved 8 distinctions in the exams.

The school managed to achieve an overall 43% of students passing Mathematics with distinctions.

Mike Thiel, the Executive Headmaster of St David’s Marist Inanda expressed his delight at his school’s achievement.

“In a year in which we have been privileged to celebrate the bicentenary of the Marist Institute internationally and 150 years of Marist education in South Africa and Africa, the matric class of 2017 have given us further reason to celebrate, with a set of matric results of which they, and we, can be proud,”He said.

Thiel said the top achieving students produced excellent results with (including AP Subjects) 2 students attaining 8 distinctions, 3 achieving 7 distinctions, 4 achieving 6 distinctions, 6 achieving 5 distinctions and 6 achieving 4 distinctions.

He said the students’ achievement is commendable given the number of responsibilities that rested on their shoulders.

“Their achievements are additionally impressive given their additional responsibilities as Head and Deputy Head prefects respectively. “Thiel said.

 Michel De Laroche, Alastair Dunn and Jonathan Parkin also managed to achieve 7 distinctions (including AP subjects each.

Thiel said they would like to wish the students everything of the best as they leave the school he said the look forward to welcoming them back as old boys in the future.

“We wish our Matric Class of 2017 a successful and exciting journey beyond the gates of St David’s and look forward to welcoming them back as Marist Old Boys in the near future and in years to come. We have no doubt that they are young men who will make a significant and positive impact on our world,” he added.

-TNA Reporter