‘State failed to prove that Van Breda is guilty’

Picture: Supplied

Defence Advocate Piet Botha in the trial of triple murder accused Henri van Breda has argued that he should be acquitted on all charges as the state has failed to prove his guilt.

Botha said this as the defence presented their closing arguments in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

“The state’s case is that no one else could have committed crimes, and accused version of other assailants is not reasonably true.”

He said “the decision to convict or acquit must take into account all the evidence, in its totality. Some might be found to be false or unreliable, but cannot simply be ignored”.

Henri is accused of murdering his family in January 2015.

Businessman Martin van Breda, his wife Teresa and their elder son Rudi were found hacked to death with an axe at their luxury De Zalze Golf Estate home.

Their daughter Marli then 17-years-old, survived but sustained serious brain injuries. She is on the list of State witnesses expected to testify against him.

On Monday, senior State prosecutor Susan Galloway presented the State’s final arguments.

Galloway told the court that the version that Van Breda gave the court regarding what happened in the early hours of January 27, 2015, cannot be reasonably possibly true.

“His version is fabricated and should be rejected as false.”

Adv Botha maintained his argument that his client was a good witness.

-TNA Reporter