The vagina picture is photoshopped: Boity

'The picture is photoshopped' -Boity

Presenter and actress Boity Thulo has hit back at critics of her sheer blue dress which she wore at the annual South African Music Awards last week Saturday.

Boity’s blue number left tongues wagging when a photograph of her alleged ‘private parts’, supposedly seen through her dress, started making the rounds on social media.

“OF COURSE I have to defend myself from all the harsh things I have been reading about my dress and the negative sexual connotations created,” Boity tweeted on Monday.

“The picture going around of my “supposed private parts” was created/photoshopped by people who revel in cyber bullying…”

Some people on social media defended the presenter arguing that it was not her private parts showing but a shadow while others remained adamant that there was a case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Boity did not take kindly to all the sexual comments made about her and has made it clear in a series of tweets that all the negative comments were made in an attempt to demean her, which she found hurtful and disturbing.

“And to pretend that what I’ve been reading has no effect on me is a blatant lie,” she tweeted.

The club 808 star took to Twitter to express her disappointment at those who tried to make her feel small for wearing something she felt comfortable in.

“I will not wear something that does not satisfy me for the sake of pleasing people who are angry at how comfortable I am in my skin.” Boity proceeded tweeting making it clear that she will wear what she wants.

-Nontokozo Gxumisa