Tshwane dam levels above 90%


Executive Mayor of Tshwane Solly Msimanga has on Thursday announced that the Tshwane dam levels sit at 90% and above for the four dams that are designated to supply people with a sustainable flow of water.

Tshwane’s water restrictions were in effect from 13 September 2016 and a drive was launched to inform residents of the restrictions and implore them to use water sparingly.

“As such the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) confirmed that Tshwane had achieved the required 15% water reduction as required by the DWS reaching a total reduction of 15.6% at as March last year,” Msimanga said.

He added that after the Department of Water and Sanitation lifted restrictions, the City of Tshwane then conditionally lifted its own restrictions with immediate effect but not entirely to ensure that we were conservative in our consumption of this precious resource.

“Despite these high dam levels, we appeal to our residents to continue conserving water by using it wisely and sparingly.”

Msimanga also took the opportunity to thank Tshwane residents for their diligence in regard and encourage them to continue to do so during the summer months and beyond so that this becomes the norm.

-TNA Reporter