Ultimate praise experience with Mkhululi


An encounter with God awaits gospel music fans this weekend as Joyous Celebration member and gospel singer Mkhululi Bhebhe takes to the stage for the recording of his live DVD – The Ultimate Praise Experience.

The Zimbabwe-born singer spoke to The New Age about his upcoming show at the Perfecting church in Longdale on Saturday.

“The show will see African gospel singers standing together to worship God and those coming to the show can really expect an encounter with God and his work,” he said.

Bhebhe said this being his first live DVD recording as a solo act, he has approached contemporaries from Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa and other African countries to help him celebrate the Lord with him. These include fellow Joyous Celebration member Sbu Noah, Mercy Manqele, Enkay and Steve Crown from Nigeria and Kenya’s Celebrated singer, Evelyn Wanjiru, among others.

“We have spent a long time preparing and rehearsing for the show and we have gone all out to make sure that music fans receive the ultimate blessed experience,” he said.

Bhebhe, who has been singing in church for a long time said his big break came when he joined the South African gospel outfit in 2010.

“I took my singing professionally only in 2008 and sang mostly at gospel music competitions until I joined Joyous Celebration, which for me has been my biggest music breakthrough.

“I attended primary school at St Bernard’s Primary and from my opinion that is the time my life really began. I was generally what people would call an intelligent student. I loved going to school and mixing with all the other kids from different backgrounds.

“Going to school is the one thing I looked forward to every single week in my life. There is, however, a saying that goes School kids are the meanest and I must confess that I experienced my fair share of the bitter end of life,” he said.