‘We are dealing with angry young people’: Zuma on EFF

Picture Credit: Twitter @PresidencyZA

President Jacob Zuma has on Friday seemingly referred to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as angry with the ANC-led government and were attempting to fight back against the ruling party without knowing how to do so.

The President was speaking during The New Age Business Briefing in Cape Town after disruptions initiated by the EFF on Thursday evening led to violence in Parliament and Zuma’s speech being delayed by 90 minutes.

“We should analyse this by asking how did this party come about, was it because it had views and a vision of how South Africa should be, I don’t think so,” began Zuma.

“We are dealing with people who had quarrels with their colleagues and thought that they needed to fight these people,” he said.

“We are dealing with an organisation that was established by young people who were expelled from the ANC, they must be angry with the ANC and therefore angry with the ANC government, and they are trying their best to fight back but they don’t know how,” said Zuma.

Shortly after the President began his speech on Thursday night, EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu began a strategy of filibustering.

Shivambu, who was later supported by party leader Julius Malema, alleged that 21 SAPS members had joined the Parliamentary Protection Services.

Eventually after much jousting, members of the Parliamentary Protection Services moved in and forcibly removed the EFF members, some of whom lashed out at security staff with their hard hats.

Zuma on Friday criticised the EFF’s tactics saying they did not respect Parliament as well as their own voters.

“The fact that you would make Parliament not talk and undermine the choice of the majority of this country because you have your own feeling is a misplaced vision,” said Zuma.

The President on Thursday added that “what we need to do as a country is discuss these behaviours and expose it for what it is in the eyes of the people of the country.”

Last year the opening of Parliament was marred by attempts by the EFF to cause a disruption. Disruptions led by the EFF and the cutting of the cellphone feed to Parliament also marked the 2015 SONA.

-TNA Reporter