We would like to see the top 6 increase: Mashatile


Gauteng ANC Chairman Paul Mashatile says Gauteng is happy with the way the top leadership of the ANC will be chosen.

The ANC announced that all members of the top six will be chosen in one go.

It was previously announced that the top six will be voted for on different days during the conference.

Mashatile said in the interest of time and resources, they decided against doing so.

“As Gauteng, we would like the top six to be increased and to see two deputy presidents and two Deputy Secretary Generals.”

Mashatile also emphasised the importance of unity within the ANC, he said it is important to note that as the ANC they are not fighting but acting in the interests of the party.

Mashatile and other provincial chairperson have been going across the country preaching the message of unity of the ANC.

He said he expects Gauteng to send closer to 500 delegates across the province.

“Majority of our delegates are here. The spirit has been very good. We are all committed to uniting.”

Mashatile added that as the chairpersons they have not had a consensus on who to support.

-TNA Reporter