Winnie Rust murder accused found guilty


Wellington athlete Nigel Plaatjies and his uncle Johannes were yesterday found guilty for the murder and robbery of South African author Winnie Rust.

The Western Cape High Court ruled that the pair acted together when they killed Rust in her home in May 2016.

Nigel reportedly denied killing Rust and claimed that his uncle had forced him into participating in a robbery at her home.

Rust was found dead by her husband and her laptop and jewelry taken – her belongings were later recovered.

It’s understood there were signs Rust tried to fight off her attacker, that her neck was taped and her airways blocked so that she couldn’t breathe.

The court also heard evidence that the pair had used the victims bank card on a shopping spree. Both were found guilty of fraud as a result.

Nigel pleaded guilty to theft charges and charges relating to Rust’s bank card but pleaded not guilty to murder.

His co-accused pleaded not guilty to all the charges but admitted selling two of Rust’s rings.

The pair will remain in custody until the case returns to court on 5 February 2018.

-TNA Reporter