Winning the war on rhino poaching

The Kruger National Park is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s top tourist and holiday destinations, with a wide variety of wild and plant life it offers a unique experience to the visitors.

Covering a staggering 2 million hectors it is a challenging task to conserve this ecosystem.The KNP makes use of Rangers, detection and tracking K9’s as well as Technology to help aid the fight against poachers.

Aside from the K9 Unit technology also plays an important role in the fight against Rhino Poaching. Although it can not replace the presence of the brave Rangers it allows for less feet on the ground with a greater coverage range.

A range of systems are implemented in the Park to ensure the safety and security in the park. Rangers, a Private communications system, a new Electronic gate system named Gate Access Control and an Radar system named more currently being implemented are just some of the ways in which the park is being monitored.

All these technologies have been implemented to save the Rhino’s from Poachers