Women reflect on issues

ESCALATING ABUSE: Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women Susan Shabangu urged women not to protect their abusive partners. PICTURE: FACEBOOK

AS THE month celebrating women draws to an end, the provincial legislature has taken one last look at the challenges women face.

In a debate in Fraserburg in the Namaqua region, women said it was time to start honouring each other instead of merely talking about it.

Speaking for the ruling party, MPL Alexandra Beukes said each women shared sentiments about the rights of women and honouring women.

“Once the excitement has died down, we revert back to normal where we as women have to prove ourselves as equals in society,” she said.

Beukes said it was high time women recognised their worth as mothers of the nation and pillars of strengthen in their respective households.

“As women, we have to be strong enough to raise our views and to stand up for our values and principles.

“Perhaps we were not born with a similar status as men, but we definitely have the same rights and justification to want equal treatment and equal access to education, health and social services.

“The time has come for women to live according to their own conditions,” she said.

Beukes said women needed to be respected at all times and had to show courage to tackle the challenges of life.

“The more we portray our strength and perseverance, the more the beauty thereof will reflect.”

She said all communities needed to work together to fight the scourge of violence against women and children abuse.

“If we really want to discuss Women’s Month celebrations, and if we really care about our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, then we need to take an oath that we will respect women in our communities, workplaces and everywhere else, unconditionally,” she said.

She said in doing that each one would be a good example in society.

“Why is there still a need to speak about respect for women?” she said.

The DA’s Mellinda Hattingh and Congress of the People’s Pakes Dikgetsi also denounced violence against women and children and agreed that the scourge of violence needed to be tackled by both government and communities.

They welcomed the resignation of former deputy minister of higher education and training Mduduzi Manana after assaulting a women at a nightclub in Johannesburg about a month ago.

Throughout the month, several events have been held in the province to highlight the plight of women especially in their homes and workplaces.

The Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women, Susan Shabangu, held a dialogue in Kimberley where she told women not to protect their abusive partners.

She urged them to report all crimes even when committed by the person who was supposed to take care of them.

She said the abuse of drugs was a factor the province had to take a hard look at and deal with.

Shabangu said the ever-escalating crime was also worrying.

She also called on civil organisations to stand together.

During the month, the province launched men’s forums in the five municipal districts of the province.

The educational forums were championed by the departments of the premier, social development, transport, safety and liaison.