Youth empower the youth


A group of young people have stepped up to help in empowering the youth across the province.

The Bloyta Moral Regeneration campaign’s Gape Mojanaga said the youth owned enterprise would deliver a series of educational programmes to upskill younger people.

He said the team would host a series of four interactive dialogues and each will have a topic of its own based on the four pillars of moral regeneration: social, cultural, moral and spiritual.

“The Interactive Dialogue project is a flagship educational programme of Bloyta aimed at empowering the youth with public speaking, research, and self-development skills,” Majanaga said.

Majanaga said there was a great need in communities for moral regeneration and restorative justice. Bloyta Moral Regeneration is a youth-owned enterprise in the business of empowering the youth through self-development programmes and has a solution-orientated approach to transformation.

It has partnered with the Klerksdorp Museum to create a platform for discussion and interactive dialogue that will allow the people who are present to deliberate on issues of concern to the general public as well as learn, grow and become active reflections of the change they want to see.

“This is an initiative of the youth for the community at large. Ideally, the dialogues should be accessible on media platforms such as radio and television for those who cannot make it to the talks in person.

“However, we need a sponsor to make this possible,” the movement said.

The group of young people said it was important for the youth across the province to attend so they are able to educate each other about issues facing communities.

“We call on both the public and the private sector to make it possible for people outside of Klerksdorp/Matlosana to attend and help us make the initiative a success and reach as many people as possible,” Majanaga said. The team believes that the hunger for knowledge feeds growth, but one needs to be willing to learn.

“And as you grow, you learn about yourself and your surroundings so you can become an active reflection of the change you want to see.”