Youth want to take centre stage

YOUTH ADVISERS: Lebohang Monyane, Masingita Maluleke, Asina Mofokeng and Tswelopele Manabile attend the TNA Briefing Breakfast at Emoya Estate in Bloemfontein. Picture: VOIGHT MOKONE

Nothing for us without us.

These were the emphatic words of young people as they launched Youth Month in Bloemfontein yesterday.

Young people said they wanted streamlined development offices that had a budget and a proper plan on how they would address youth development challenges.

Young people said from now on they would be at the centre stage of all decisions made about young people in the province.

Gone is the era where the youth was told what it had to do.

The appointment of a youth advisor in the premier’s office, Tswelopele Manabile, has also given confidence to many young people who said finally there would be direct access to the premier through this office.

Manabile together with the Free State Premier Ace Magashule, and other young people, launched the month yesterday during The New Age Business Briefing.

They both said it was important to focus energy and resources on the youth and especially those with disabilities because they had somehow been left out of the periphery of development.

Manabile said her appointment as a youth advisor was not just another appointment.

“We want these youth coordinators to be centred in one office and speak with one voice,” she said.

“We want them to have a budget allocation so that they are able to do the work they were appointed to do.

“We have taken this challenge to focus on the youth because Africa has the youngest population of all continents,” Magashule said.

“This means the future is in their hands, plus the youth have been very vocal about youth matters.”

Also on the panel was Tebogo Radebe, who is living with albinism.

Radebe encouraged young people with disabilities to get involved in their communities and occupy the space that is rightfully theirs.

Nyalleng Potlane, who is blind, said her inability to see did not mean that she did not have a vision about her life. She is also a manager in the department of the premier.

“I can cook, clean, wash and I lead people who have sight,” Potlane said.

“So my visual impairment has not limited my ability to do what I want to do.”

@The_New_Age: #TNABizBrief will officially launch the Free State 2017 Youth Month Programme, Which will be led by the Free State Premier E.S Magashule

@The_New_Age: #TNABizBrief will officially launch the Free State 2017 Youth Month Programme, Which will be led by the Free State Premier E.S Magashule

@kgpolelo: #TNAbizbrief about to commence a robust discussion focused on Youth Development, Ppl with disabilities and programme for Youth Month.

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@thulani_nyama: How do we get an opportunity to present an idea to the MEC of health effectively without hassle #TNABizBrief

@MoegsienW: #tnabizbrief Magashule: Appointed a youth adviser in my office to deal with the many problems of youth and people with disabilities.

@phutism: Magashule says part of the agenda for Youth Month is to look at ways of accelerating Radical Socio-Economic transformation. #TNABizBrief

@MoegsienW: #tnabizbrief Magashule: Youth are the majority in FS. This required special attention and we decided to make 2017 youth year.

@kgpolelo: #TNABizBrief “Nothing for us without us”

@MoegsienW: #tnabizbrief Tswelopele Manabile, youth adviser: We have decided government will make no decisions about us without us.

@The_New_Age: Radebe: Living with albinism is just a condition and doesn’t determine who you are

@masakalateboho: #TNABizBrief FS Youth are the future thanks Premier Magashule for always putting young people first

@kgpolelo: #TNABizBrief Tebogo Radebe accounting personal experiences with albinism. “It’s a manageable condition and does not determine who you are”

@nkdiseko: #TNABizBrief “If you do not become part of people, people will not accept you” – is this true? Are we as people not fully accepting of others?

@MoegsienW: #tnabizbrief Teboho Radebe, living with albinism: It’s a condition and doesn’t define me. I am active in organisations, live a normal life.

@The_New_Age: Radebe: Fortunately I had to make peace with the things that I could not do and things that I could do #TNABizBrief

@The_New_Age: Potlane: As the youth, youth with disabilities they have to voice out and say they want to be included #TNABizBrief

@The_New_Age: Potlane: Mobility is the training that we do to practice walking around alone, against all odds #TNABizBrief #YouthWithDisability

@MoegsienW: #tnabizbrief Nyalleng Potlona, visually impaired: I have pursued normal studies and risen to deputy director in the provincial government.

@StarChalale4: @MorningLiveSABC Premier Ace is a cut above the rest we are so bless in FS..he sets standards always and other Premiers follow #TnaBizBrief

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@The_New_Age: Potlane: Youth with disabilities face a lot of challenges. #TNABizBrief