Zuma to lead celebrations in Zeerust


President Jacob Zuma is scheduled to celebrate the bravery of women who revolted against Apartheid pass laws when he leads National Reconciliation Day celebrations on Friday.

According to the Presidency, Zuma will on 16 December take part in celebrations to ” commemorate the bravery of women in 1957 in Zeerust, who revolted against passes in the villages of Dinokana, Lekgopung and Motswedi villages. They refused to collect their passbooks from mobile units,” said President Zuma in a statement.

The celebrations are set to take place at the Black Aces Sports Grounds in Zeerust, North West Province.

The National Reconciliation Day celebrations commemoration builds on the 60th anniversary of the women’s march to the Union Buildings in 1956.

“We salute the women of Gopane village in Zeerust who organised a march against pass laws also in 1957. Their actions illustrate the active participation of women in the struggle for liberation, not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well. This serves as an inspiration as we continue building a new nation, founded on the values of human rights, justice and equality,” said President Zuma in a statement.

According to the Presidency the 2016 commemoration will be held under the theme “Bridging the Divide Towards a Non-racial Society”.

-TNA Reporter