Zuma’s ‘poisoned food plot’

A PERSON with access to the ANC’s top six offered President Jacob Zuma a plate of food laced with poison,Picture: TNA

A PERSON with access to the ANC’s top six offered President Jacob Zuma a plate of food laced with poison in an attempt to assassinate him.

This is one of several explosive claims made in author and businessman Gayton McKenzie’s latest book titled Kill Zuma by Any Means Necessary.

The book is due for release on Friday. In an exclusive interview with The New Age, McKenzie revealed that key Zuma allies, Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza and KwaZulu-Natal Premier Willies Mchunu, were also victims of assassination plots after being poisoned with Ricin (a poison found naturally in castor beans).

According to McKenzie, they were sent for urgent medical attention in Russia. “At Luthuli House, the ANC top six met. The president went there knowing he was going to be poisoned. During lunch time, he was offered liver which he refused to eat,” Mckenzie said.

“Comrade Jessie Duarte (ANC deputy secretary-general) ran to the kitchen to ask them, have you prepared liver and the liver was not on the menu. A toxicologist tested the liver only to find out that there was poison in it,” McKenzie said. Duarte confirmed the incident but said she had no knowledge of the food in question being tested for poison.

“A plate of veggies (not liver) was brought to the table by a member of the top six (name known). The president was not comfortable because all food was always brought in by Julie and mum Kate. I went to (the) kitchen to ask about its origin and the answer I got is that the official brought it. Kate then came and removed it and I did not know what happened thereafter,” she said.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe dismissed McKenzie’s book as one of several others on bookshelves about ANC leaders. “It’s not a revelation, its a media story. Nobody can poison me in the top six,” he said.

When approached for comment, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said that while he had no knowledge of the incident, he described it as a “serious allegation”. McKenzie also claimed that former MK leader and former Defence Force chief Siphiwe Nyanda was a “spy” and accused him of having a direct hand in the disappearance of activists.

“One of the survivors, Keith Sogovu said thank you for asking me this question. With tears in his eyes, he said I was sold out by comrade Siphiwe Nyanda,” he said. Nyanda said he would comment only when the book was released. “I don’t know about any allegations, I have not seen the book so I can’t comment,” he said.

Earlier this year, various media reported that Zuma told an ANC NEC meeting that he had been poisoned and almost died because of his stance on economic transformation and land reform. “I was poisoned and almost died just because South Africa joined Brics under my leadership. They said I was going to destroy the country,” Zuma apparently said.

According to the media reports, Zuma told the NEC there had been three attempts to poison him.