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Kimberley Diamond Cup a thriller

The inaugural Kimberley Diamond Cup presented by Kumba Iron Ore was a non-stop high octane skateboarding action for the rest of the weekend in Kimberley.

The event replaced the Maloof Money Cup world championships, which ended its run in South Africa last year.

The new event is a partnership between the Northern Cape provincial government, World Skateboarding Grand Prix and Kumba Iron Ore and pays tribute to the host city’s history as the location of South Africa’s first diamond mine known as the “The Diamond City”.

On Saturday, the Pro Street Qualifiers took place, with a head-to-head format that saw skaters battle it out to earn their spot in yesterday’s finals. The top four finishers earned ‘byes’ to the final round of the Pro Street finals yesterday.

Highlights of the qualifiers included Alec Majerus’ full cab backside, Louis Lopez’ variableheel flip down the big four, Nyjah Huston’s switch front-side blunt and Manny Santiago’s heel backside 50-50.

“This is the best group of skaters I’ve ever been associated with in a contest,” Tim McFerran, CEO of World Skateboarding Grand Prix,” said.

‘It’s great to see these young guns doing so well in such a high pressure competition.”

In the amateur competition on Friday, Dallas Oberholzer from KwaZulu-Natal walked away with theR10000first prize.

The amateur ladies contest provided lots of excitement with Johannesburg’s Kelly Murray pulling off some great tricks to impress the judges, and Melissa Williams of Cape Town earning second position. Natalie Bramley earned third place. The contest kicked off with a concert featuring dance performances and popular South African musicians such as AKA and Toya De Lazy. this was followed by a 15-minute fireworks show.

Saturday was the first day of the pro competition with the first half of the Vert Championships and the Pro Street Qualifiers.

Director of World Skateboarding Grand Prix Mark Waters said: “This is a contest everyone will be talking and raving about. Its intensity is second to none. Neenah Huston is skating, and it will be a joy to see him tackle the head-to-head jam format, which he has never skated before. We’ve got vets who are visiting the African soil for the first time, and are excited. The format was challenging and intense and it was a favourite format to watch to great delight,” he said.