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Innovative way to predict poll results

For the first time in South Africa, an exclusive show, SA Decides – My Vote – My Future, an election opinion poll covering the entire country, will be launched this evening at 8pm on the ANN7 24-hour news channel.

The Election Tracker show is set to air weekly on the 24-hour news channel, Africa News Network at 8pm.

The independent survey is set to be the biggest in the country, with the teams having scoured the nine provinces in the last month to hear what the locals had to say.

This tracking poll will continue every day till the elections are over and the next government is sworn in.

ANN7 has already visited more than 100 towns nationally, speaking to everyone on the ground, finding out who will get their tick in the next general elections.

The first show is based on interviews of more than 5000 respondents across all nine provinces in this convenience poll.

“By the time this election cycle is over, we hope to have interviewed more than 30000 South Africans, making it the biggest ever such exercise in the history of our country,” independent pollster, Yashwant Deshmukh from CVoter International, says.

The SA Decides Election Tracker is the largest and most definitive independent sample survey before the South African general elections 2014, conducted by independent international polling agency C-Voter, an internationally renowned name in the field of election predictions.

In the 2012 US prudential elections, C-Voter, along with Ipsos, was ranked among the most accurate pollsters by New York Times.

The acclaimed commentator and statistician Nate Silver ranked IPSOS as second most accurate media poll conducted on internet panel following Google.

He also ranked C-Voter as the second most accurate media poll done on CATI following CNN Research.

The difference between Ipsos and C-Voter projections in US presidential elections was less than 1%.

The survey will be giving the vote share projects both at the national as well as the provincial level.