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Vegan Cape Town teacher in trouble: Report

The Western Cape education department has dismissed parents’ complaints that a vegetarian teacher is changing their children’s eating habits and turning them away from God, according to Sunday’s Rapport.

Melanie Thomet, who teaches English at De Kuilen High School in Kuils River, Cape Town, is a “vegetarian and an animal rights activist”. She says she is neither an atheist, nor a Christian.

“I go to many animal rights protests. I do not hide it. The children see it on my social media pages and if they ask me about it I tell them,” Thomet was quoted as saying.

Some parents reportedly believed their children’s new eating habits had turned them away from Christianity.

Cynthia Herbst kept her son out of school for two days and took him to a “prophet” in Hermanus because he had stopped eating meat and turned his back on religion.

“My son has now also decided he no longer believes in God. It all started when he stopped eating meat. That’s why we took him to two of William Undi’s services. Just to show him Jesus still exists,” Herbst was quoted as saying.

A handful of parents had reported Thomet to principal Herman Mellet, who passed their complaints on to the Western Cape education department. The department dismissed the complaints.