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UN to replace current north-south Sudan peacekeeping mission

The United Nations Security Council decided Wednesday to begin discussion on establishing a new mission to replace the current UN mission that has been monitoring a peace agreement between North and South Sudan since 2005.

The current peacekeeping mission, with some 10,000 military and civilian personnel, will remain until July 9, which is the date that newly independent South Sudan will be established. The South voted in a January referendum to secede from the Khartoum government.

The Security Council said that it intends to establish a successor mission to the current UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), following a final review of the implementation of the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement between North and South Sudan. The agreement ended decades of conflict between the Sudanese regions and allowed a referendum to decide a final settlement.

The UN is maintaining a separate peacekeeping operation in Darfur to monitor ceasefires between Khartoum and African rebel groups.