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Henry Jeffreys steps down as New Age editor

Henry Jeffreys, the launch editor of The New Age, has decided to leave the newspaper.

“It was a great privilege to be part of the launch team at The New Age“, he said.

“The paper is well positioned to go forward and I know that I leave a newspaper set to deliver on its potential. I am looking forward to an on-going relationship with the paper as it grows its share of market. “

“I have been seeing an increasing number of opinion-shapers and I have been amazed by the traction that the paper is achieving.  In many ways, I am very sad about leaving TNA, but I know I leave the newspaper in very good hands. I have been working closely with the senior editorial leadership and consultants Ryland Fisher and Raymond Joseph to drive the newspaper to the next level and I have signed off on our next strategic initiatives.  The team is all set to deliver on this strategy and I will continue to contribute to the delivery of that strategy as it rolls out,” Jeffreys said.

“Jeffreys had joined with the specific task of launching The New Age and today he leaves a newspaper that has started setting news agendas and is starting to grow its share of advertising revenue,” CEO Nazeem Howa said.

“He placed on hold his Master’s studies and the book he was writing to join us and we always knew it was not going to be a long-term arrangement. However, we needed a professional to launch the paper and Henry fitted the bill,”  Howa said.

Howa further said management of TNA could not have asked for a better leader.

“Henry took charge at a time when we needed strong leadership.”

“The shareholders and management are grateful for his efforts to get us going”, he said

“Henry has chosen to go back his family, his studies and writing his book. We are very happy that he will continue to write his column for our paper and deliver on ad hoc strategic projects as time allows,”

“Henry leaves a great legacy and we know that he will continue to be an excellent ambassador for our brand” .

Ryland Fisher has been appointed acting editor.