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Sisulu family pleased with renaming

The family of struggle stalwart Albertina Sisulu have welcomed the announcement made by Gauteng MEC Lebogang Maile, to rename Commissioner Street in Johannesburg after her.

MaSisulu’s grandson and family spokesperson Shaka Sisulu said he was pleased with the renaming of Commissioner Street after his grandmother. He said she knew about plans to honour her before she died and was humbled.

He said he was grateful to the government leaders who initiated the process of immortalising his grandmother’s name, especially those who were groomed by her.

“It’s a spectacular honour, it will get more young people wanting to know about her and asking questions about who she was,” said Sisulu.

Shaka said although it was important to honour his grandmother through monuments and enormous buildings, it was important to stay true to the message of peace and respect that his grandmother preached.

However, struggle veteran Andrew Mlangeni said it was only befitting that MaSisulu be honoured in many different ways.

“She dedicated her entire life to the struggle,” said Mlangeni.

Mlangeni described MaSisulu as a passionate “comrade”, who faced torture and imprisonment for the freedom of her beloved country.

Mlangeni said Albertina was a nurse passionate about people.

“I knew her well, working with her on several projects. She was kind, humble but steadfast in fighting against the oppressive apartheid government,” he said.

Commissioner Street is the first formal street in Johannesburg, it is also the longest.