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Gaga did not disappoint

Lady Gaga arrived in Cape Town on Saturday ahead of her concert tonight. On the back of what has been described as an incredible performance in Johannesburg, the Mother City has a lot to look forward to.

On the Joburg leg of the tour, at the FNB Stadium on Friday night, the frustration of waiting an hour and a half for Lady Gaga as temperatures dropped and the wind picked up, disappeared quickly as the lights finally dimmed, the stage came alive and the 65000 strong crowd erupted into applause.

Performing to a sold out stadium, Gaga’s energy teamed with a bevy of spectacular dancers made for an electric show. Her costumes and dancers travel around with her.

With a castle erected on stage, a tone of extravagance was set for the performance and Gaga did not disappoint.

The castle opened and closed to accommodate the various scenes and allow access to the dressing room beneath as Gaga changed from one outfit to the next. This included wigs and hairpieces, hats and shoes, leather and lace and of course a meaty looking dress similar to the one she wore to the 2010 MTV video awards.

Gaga engaged the crowd throughout the show. Sharing her own story and feelings as well as calling on South Africans to be themselves. “Five years ago I was a waitress in New York City. Now you are all at my show. South Africa, are you brave enough not to give a f#*k – whether you’re straight or bi, no matter your gender or religion, are you brave enough?”

She promised to include South Africa as a destination for all future tours as well.

“Keep being a fan of mine and I’ll keep being a fan of yours and a tour will never go by that I won’t come here.”

But while the fans had the time of their lives, controversy reigned behind the scenes with on local media coverage of the event. Big Concerts confirmed that Mother Monster’s own media team would provide the necessary material after the show, which they did