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SAPS website hacked: Report

The SAPS website has reportedly been struck by hackers, a move that will not only embarrass the police but question how serious state treats information security for protecting citizens.

According to a report on, whistle blower information, telephone numbers, email addresses and identity numbers of over 15,700 people who used the website from 2005 to this year, have been compromised after a group called ‘data dump’ hacked into the site and published the information on a publicly accessible website.

Also included are the usernames and passwords of some 40 SAPS members, reports

However the police reportedly denied that their site had been hacked when contacted by the news broadcaster.

“Our site is in order – we have not been hacked. There’s no such – our website is operating normal, we don’t have a problem with our website and they never experienced any problems,” spokesperson Phuti Setati was quoted as saying.

Setati later chose to ‘reserve comment on the matter’ after eNCA provided proof of the security breach to the police showing how the broadcaster managed to “download the list posted online in less than five minutes” and made contact with “some of the people who had logged concern”.

Contacted for comments regarding the reports, Brigadier Phuti Setati told The New Age on Wednesday that the police will shortly issue an invite to a media briefing to be held later today to address the matter.

Meanwhile the group has taken to Twitter to explain the reason behind their actions.

Through a series of tweets ‘data dump’ using the account @DomainerAnon, explained that they hacked into the website “for the 34 miners killed during clashes with police in Marikana on August 16 2012”.