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We are coming for you Julius Malema: AfriForum

AfriForum has threatened to take action against EFF leader Julius Malema following convicted “racist” Vicki Momberg’s sentence.

AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets says that if this is the route that the justice system goes by, the civil rights group will also take action against Malema whom they have previously viewed as a racist as well.

“Vicki Momberg sentenced to an effective 2 years in prison for racist rant. If that’s the way it works, we’re coming for you Julius Malema.”

The civil rights organisation, AfriForum says that it considers the two-year prison sentence imposed on Momberg as a “reaffirmation of the double standards in South Africa, especially regarding race”.

The Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday sentenced Momberg to three years in jail‚ with one year suspended, on a condition that she does not get convicted of a similar offence.

AfriForum says that though Momberg’s remarks were indeed racist and needed to be condemned.

“However, the inconsistency being applied in this country regarding minorities has reached the level of absurdity. The reality in South Africa is thus that a white person who insults a black person goes to prison, while a senior officer in the Defence Force who says that white people’s eyes and tongues must be stabbed out is simply asked nicely not to repeat it.

“In addition, an influential political leader talking about genocide is rewarded with an invitation to join the ruling party,” AfriForum said.

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said that if this verdict handed to Momberg is an ‘indication’ then Malema is also heading to prison.

The organisation said they are already working on a plan to ensure that Malema exchanges the red beret for the beautiful orange uniform supplied by the correctional services.